Microsoft’s continuum UX

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Frankly speaking, I can’t believe that I’m writing about Microsoft’s keynote, but I guess that they really impressed me this time! Forget about Microsoft Edge, forget about Visual studio for OS X & Linux! Let’s talk about the real cool … Read More

New innovations for Better UX

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I just love to see creative thinking, especially when it comes to connecting the dots between different technologies to create new innovations! We are living in a wonderful time for anyone who wants to create something. And I don’t mean … Read More


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Virtual reality Vs. Augmented reality? why not both? Oculus rift is certainly a magnificent piece of technology! they made Virtual Reality finally available, but I still think this vision belongs to the 80’s (sorry), while AR (Augmented reality) is the … Read More

Mobile experience, what’s next?

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Nothing has really changed in mobile devices experience since the first iPhone, as Sergey Brin said on his TED talk when he introduced google glass “You are just rubbing this featureless piece of glass. There isn’t anything to feel” and … Read More

iOS evolution

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Nowadays I’m using Android, but as a UX designer and technology enthusiast, I still like apple products! I tend to be neutral in terms of which product is better, and I’m still a mac user just as I’m a pc … Read More

iOS8 – Interesting concept

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I just wonder, when will Apple adopt something like Samsung’s “Air View”? in order to override pinch to zoom and allow the user to zoom these type of widgets without even touching the screen. could be very cool and even … Read More

What’s up with modular Smartphones?

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I love modularity, but except some concepts by private designers and even some corporations we don’t really see modular devices in the market… yes there are some half-baked products from various manufactures that already released a few products to the … Read More

User experience – the future?

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I love concepts, but more than that, I like it when a product become real…  Just like the Tablet concept in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001:A Space Odyssey” from 1968 that is real today (thanks to apple and their 1st iPad), Concepts … Read More

Google – design evolution

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Usually, only UI/UX designers, Front-end developers and some other geeks used to follow design and functional changes that Google did in their Apps and Cloud services. personally I watched countless google I/O Keynotes in terms of UX on Android and … Read More

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