Google I/O 2014 – What’s new?

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Well, As I mentioned in my previous post, Google indeed introduced next android features, so it is a way better than just a sneak peek.


So what’s new? a lot of things!

First of all, this Google I/O puts Design and user experience in top priority!
and if it’s not enough, Google just introduced their new Design-language for their Cross-platform services and did a
wonderful job in terms of unifying their User interfaces. So forget about “Quantum paper”, say hello to “Material Design“.

And to understand the philosophy, watch Matias Duarte interview with TheVerge

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  1. Yaron Rosen
    | Reply

    material design seems so awesome! can’t wait for the update

    • Avi
      | Reply

      Well, It’s already available for your Nexus 5 as developers beta, but let’s wait for the final build 🙂

  2. ??? ????
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