How to start with XR design & dev

Few of my articles and tutorials, I hope you’ll find it useful.
How to Design for AR / MR (Part 1)
How to Design for VR/AR/XR + Tools (Part 2)
Get into XR without coding skills! (Part 3)
Mobile-first is dead! Desig for XR (Part 4)
Desig For XR - Apple Vision Pro (Part 5)
Oculus Quest 2 Colorful AR Pass-through mode by Avi Barel
Solving XR typing & input issues with UX & HCI methods
CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v80), quality = 82
VR & AR use-cases for Military training
AI & XR are made for each other!
The differences between VR, AR, and MR. By Avi Barel

My Projects Lab in XR, AI and more

Few of my prototypes & research projects for your inspiration

AIXR Future of AI on XR & Spatial Computing glasses

XROS UX (Prototype #2) I made in ShapesXR for the Quest 2


Training Simulator for Defense forces (Tested ShapesXR to show a client)

XR & AI Civilian-Firearms Training Simulator (for Ukraine, Israel, etc.)

My Older XR Projects (from the recent 2-6 years)

Back then, I used After Effects for AR concepts and always shared from my experience

XR-OS: UX concepts I made between 2015-2020 (AE, Unity, ARCore)

XR-OS: Jogging and watching videos with AR glasses (Concept)


XR-OS For students – Use OCR in AR to mark, print, and remember anything

XR-OS for creators: Use AR to manipulate real-world content!

My 2nd YouTube channel to explore XR:

My XR-UX Exploration Channel: Trying XR Design tools, Games and Apps!

Breaking Down XR UX of Red Matter 2, to learn from its Spatial Design!

Breaking Down the XR UX of Meta’s Hand Interaction SDK 2.0. let’slearn from it!

Breaking Down the XR UX of VR Mil-Sims! For XR Devs & UX/UI Designers.

You can already create XR Apps, games, and experiences from Sci-Fi movies!

Volunteering activities & community

Sadly, it’s a war time (again) and ever since October 7th, I do what I can.

IDF soldiers who can’t access MIlitary grade VR simulators, join me!

How Western Defense Forces can use Intel to prepare spec-ops in VR

Teamwork: There are many IDF, US Army and Nato Veterans on OnwardVR

With some Israelis and American friends, it’s all about tactics

That's all for now, but I'll keep updating this page!

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