How to start with XR design & Dev

Few of my articles and tutorials, I hope you’ll find it useful
How to Design for AR / MR (Part 1)
How to Design for VR/AR/XR + Tools (Part 2)
Get into XR without coding skills! (Part 3)
Oculus Quest 2 Colorful AR Pass-through mode by Avi Barel
Tutorial: Turn Oculus Quest VR into AR/XR!
VR & AR use-cases for Military training
Mobile-first is dead! Is it?!
AI & XR are made for each other!
How to use the cloud for AI/ML and VR/AR projects
The differences between VR, AR, and MR. By Avi Barel

My Projects Lab in XR, AI and more

Few of my prototypes & research projects for your inspiration

XR concepts I made in the past 5 years (AE, Unity, ARCore)

XR Concepts I’ve implemented by hacking my Oculus VR headsets

Turned Oculus’ Infinite Office vision into a reality by hacking my device

Getting some real UX/UI work done in VR with new input method

Google Translate for AR/XR glasses!

An old XR Office concept I made in 2019, and today it’s W.I.P

AR + AI: Here’s how Machine Vision can improve our lives with AR glasses

AR + AI: Here’s how Machine Vision can improve our health during pandemics

AR + IoT: Control Smart-home IoT devices like a Jedi

AR For students – Make learning more interactive and immersive!

AR For students – Use OCR in AR glasses to mark, print, and remember anything

AR for creators – Use your glasses to turn manipulate real-world content

XR/AR brings new Privacy & Cyber-security issues. Here’s one way to solve it!

TriPicAR – AR cloud memories and location based history & photo album

AR/VR Avatars – How to quickly create a 3D avatar from your pictures

AR/VR avatars for Zoom – Here’s how to use Real-time Deepfake avatars

OneAlbum AI – Award wining Hackathon Project we made at Microsoft

XR?! – The differences between VR/AR/MR (XR = All of them)

That's all for now, but I'll keep updating this page!

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