VR & AR use-cases for Military training

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VR use-cases for military education and training

To clarify – Training simulations are not Video Games, and the same goes for VR/AR training simulators. For example this is a Virtual Reality training for the Royal Marines and Military forces!

VR training simulator for Riyal Marine forces

It actually reminds me my military service at The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Although I was just a UX/UI design manager in Technological units (Mamram / 8200 etc.), I was always excited from time to time to visit the “Kirya” (IDF’s urban military base Camp in Tel Aviv) to practice in the Virtual Firearms Training Simulators (Damn I was good at it).

Back then (around 2007) it wasn’t even close to the immersive experiences we now have in VR… but it was close enough, with a huge IMAX like screen and a laser based M16 rifle. So, yeah it was close enough!

VR training simulator for Police forces

Nowadays, it’s even more immersive (I tried few VR shooting simulators myself) and there are few dedicated training simulators for Police forces too. So, you are not limited to one specific weapon anymore! As you can see in here – there are all kind of weapons, including pistols, assault rifles, grenades and even explosives.

AR use-cases for military education and training

Training simulators are not limited only to VR (Virtual Reality) technology, there are some great AR (Augmented Reality) use-cases too! You probably know that Microsoft recently won a nearly $22 billion contract with the US Army. And they will supply 120,000 HoloLens-based headsets to the Army.

AR for the US Army, powered by Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft is not alone! There are deals between other Military organizations and BigTech companies. Even Magic Leap provides AR/MR glasses to the US Navy:

Just imagine how important VR/AR simulators are when it comes to safety! We’ve seen so many Training Accident in the army, and not only with young and junior soldiers.

AR training simulator for US Navy, powered by MagicLeap glasses

VR/AR use-cases for Combat Flight Simulators and training

VR/AR trainings are not only for ground forces, the Air Force, and the Navy can use it for life-saving trainings and without spending Billions of dollars!

VR training simulator is changing the US Air Force
VR flight and combat simulators for Squadron Trainings

In summary

Hopefully, more and more organization will implement VR/AR education & training simulators to save human lives, including military organizations such as US Army, British Army, and our own Israeli Defense Forces.

How IDF uses AR glasses and other advanced Tech to protect Israel
In the next article, I’ll focus on the IVAS glasses Microsoft & US Army developing together

Speaking about VR/AR Tech in the military, there are even more amazing use-cases of VR for veterans with PTSD.

I hope you find this article useful, and if you’ve got questions or need some help / consulting with VR/AR implementation, you are welcome to contact me.

P.S. Fun fact – The cover photo I used was designed by me when I was still in the IDF, it was made for a Commandos like Strategy Simulator my friends and I were developing. So I just found it in my Blog’s gallery, while scrolling to see if I have some military images to use as a cover photo for this post, before I use one from Unsplash.com

Closing the loop with a picture I designed for a tactics simulator back when I was at the IDF.

Be safe!

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