IDF WarFighter Game

IDF Warfighter was a Real-time Tactics, stealth, and Strategy video game
I have founded and developed IDF Warfighter with 3 of my friends (Itsik, Roy, and Max), back from our army days.

The game was inspired by “Commandos” series, but we wanted to make one about the Israeli Army (IDF) Special Forces. We managed to develop it from scratch, and made a working Alpha (Demo) version for the game in 2005. And right after I finished my service at IDF. I even managed to get few investors’ attention back in 2007-2008.

As a founder and the lead designer for the game, I was in charge of all the design (UI, UX, Graphics, Animations, Assets, 3D models, etc), The game was developed by 3 of my friends in Flash, Flex & ActionScript. And the AI for the enemies was developed by me. ????


This is a short Gameplay video: