Mobile experience, what’s next?

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Nothing has really changed in mobile devices experience since the first iPhone, as Sergey Brin said on his TED talk when he introduced google glass “You are just rubbing this featureless piece of glass. There isn’t anything to feel” and he is right, but regardless google glass and other wearable technologies, we (as humans) need better ways to interact with our devices!

the mobile user experience today is half-baked, and we need much more technological solutions to feel and manipulate virtual objects through the screens.
As technology enthusiast I’m waiting for Flexible touch screens for years, but beside some prototypes from LG, Samsung and Nokia, there is no ETA for those kind of screens to the market… flexible Oled screens could open a door to new kind of devices and more importantly, to a new kind of user-experiences. there are some interesting ideas for how new technological solutions could improve and revolutionized our experiences.

Cool TED talk: shape-shifting mobile phone

And if I already mentioned Nokia, who remembers Nokia’s old flexible devices concept?

More flexible concepts:

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  1. Orit
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    I like your writing! there is no doubt, flexible smart-phones will be the next revolution, but what about battery? I hope there will be solution for flexible batteries too…

  2. Avi
    | Reply

    Hi Orit, thanks:)
    Yes, you are absolutely right! flexible battery is essential for this kind of Phone… and yes, there is a progress in this field too.

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