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Nowadays I’m using Android, but as a UX designer and technology enthusiast, I still like apple products! I tend to be neutral in terms of which product is better, and I’m still a mac user just as I’m a pc user (and Linux too) but in terms of Mobile devices, personally I prefer android as my daily driver, just because it is modular and open.
But let’s be honest, in terms of smooth buttery experiences, there is something unique and attractive in apple’s iOS! just as I like the smoothness in OS-X, I love it in iOS too!


Even though google introduced their amazing “Project butter” in Android 4.1, and it was a huge improvement in Android System UI, still, there is something almost magical in iOS smooth experience. And more than that, in WWDC 2014 apple had some aces in her sleeve, suddenly they are more open, they announced that in iOS 8, for the first time ever, Apps will be able to share data with each other (just like in Android), they introduced Continuity (between Macs and iOS devices) and some more cool features!

Now, some of these features maybe were in Android for years, but apple just did everything better and smoother. so good job apple! we want to see more stuff like this!
TheVerge did a great video about iOS visual history, worth watching! Oh, and Read this too.

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    Oh, so cool and beautiful! I love iOS8 features and design,it looks a way better than previous versions!

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