Blur – Aero Glass effect for Android!

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Do you guys remember “Aero glass effect” from Windows Vista and Windows 7? Well since Microsoft dropped that since Windows 8 (to improve performance on weak ARM devices) the trend has adopted by apple in their iOS7 & iOS8 (and now even in os-x Yosemite). Real time rendering usually affects performance because it requires powerful CPU & GPU units and it also takes a lot of RAM, but it seems that apple did an excellent job with iOS and it works great on iPhone5 and above… But what about Android?


Aero glass effect on my device:)

Well, while we are waiting for googles gorgeous “Material design” for “Android L”, and even though we all love google’s current Vanilla UI (AOSP) since it’s so clean, pleasant and elegant, but if you still want this cool blur effect and your device is rooted, than it is easy to get it on your android device! You should install Xposed framework and download this cool module and you are done! Note: on both of my devices, this module *does not affect the performance!* it works just fine and looks much better than Android system transparency. So give it a try and refresh your experience, you can remove it whenever you want.


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