Open sesame – The smartest Lockscreen

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Don’t you just love it when your device actually acts as a smart one and does thing for you automatically? So let’s say that you are using some sort of secure lock screen on your device (Pin code, Pattern, etc.) and let’s just say that you spend most of your time at your home / office, or even at your car… so why bother unlocking your phone every single time that you need it?


Open sesame

Well, there is another Xposed module that does just that! It called “No Lock Home” and it saves you a plenty of time and unlocks the device as soon as you step into your trusted WIFI zone (home / office) and it’s even supports Bluetooth devices, so if you have a BT in your car, the device gets unlocked once you get into your car! I’m using this module for a couple of months now, and I can’t imagine my life without it! One of these small things that makes your life better! So until device manufactures will implement this feature in Android / iOS / WP devices, you are free to experience it right now (if you are rooted Android user of course), for support, go to the Source .

Have fun!

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