Google – design evolution

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Usually, only UI/UX designers, Front-end developers and some other geeks used to follow design and functional changes that Google did in their Apps and Cloud services. personally I watched countless google I/O Keynotes in terms of UX on Android and other google services. and I just it love when googlers talk about decision-making and other “behind the scenes” researches they’ve done to deliver the greatest user experiences in their products: the brainstorming, the sketches, the prototypes and implement any UI changes to their applications and cloud services…


But this time, TheVerge did a terrific video Coverage that may interest each and every one of you, doesn’t matter if you are using Google services on your computer, Android devices or even iOS devices…
Google is doing a fantastic job in the last few years in terms of UI/UX and I really like the simplicity and clarity in their interfaces! and everything is so flexible and Responsive almost artistic and genius in my opinion!

source: TheVerge

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