User experience – the future?

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I love concepts, but more than that, I like it when a product become real…  Just like the Tablet concept in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001:A Space Odyssey” from 1968 that is real today (thanks to apple and their 1st iPad), Concepts and Sci-Fi gadgets are fun and essential, for Entrepreneurs and for innovators, and for designers too… and even in reality, for example: not many people knows that Alan Kay made his own concept for a tablet back in 1972… how cool is that?


So, concepts are essential for innovation, and Sci-Fi eventually becomes reality, as moore’s law says, technology growth exponentially, so it is only a matter of time (and user needs) until we see some technologies available for everyone… Meanwhile, check these cool concepts, because who knows when you’ll have them in your hands?:)

A day Made of glass:


Microsoft’s Productivity Future is an interesting one too:


And Another cool video – GM Advanced tech window:

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  1. Lia
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    Wonderful post, I had no clue that there was any tablet like devices in the past,
    it looks like Sci-Fi really becomes reality. beautiful video-concepts too – I want!:)

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