New innovations for Better UX

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I just love to see creative thinking, especially when it comes to connecting the dots between different technologies to create new innovations! We are living in a wonderful time for anyone who wants to create something. And I don’t mean to those who considers themselves part of the Makers movement, because today everyone can create amazing things, doesn’t matter what is your background and what skills you’ve got, if you like DIY projects than you know what I’m talking about…


Take this guys for example, a company called Aesthetic Interactive, they actually mixed between Oculus-Rift and Leap-Motion to deliver a new kind of virtual-reality user-interface called Hovercast. This is a great example of creative thinking out of the box!


And now I wonder when Microsoft will realize the potential in it, and if they will take an action to include some sort of Kinect sensors in their new magnificent HoloLens device. Meanwhile according to what we have seen when Microsoft introduced HoloLens last month, they have some serious issues with tracking human fingers in-depth, so the user-experience is not so intuitive for a humans, because our hands are designed to manipulate objects around us by using all of our fingers, so in my opinion there is some progress to made with this kind of technologies.

All and all, I must say that Microsoft deserve some credit, because except new features for Windows 10, they really surprised us with a magnificent piece of technology! I was really excited when they introduced HoloLens! I’m a big fan of Augmented-reality and I already blogged about VR vs. AR, but this was a few months ago, when something like Microsoft’s HoloLens was only a Sci-Fi mockup, so take a look around, while google actually killed the Glass project, Microsoft is back in business with their own version of smart-glasses with AR. I believe that the best product will be a combination between HoloLens capabilities slicked into small piece of wearable glasses just like google glass.

So let’s see what the future holds…

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