UX – Let’s dive into Material Design

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So, It’s been a while since google introduced Android “L” with its new look, called Material Design, and it’s really took some time, but now most of us already use Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and we enjoy new applications that are developed by Material design principles.


And not only native applications! Websites and Web-Apps are also inspired by Material design… in fact, google even launched their own project called “Polymer“, which makes it easier for designers and developers to create cross-platform applications for Web, desktop and mobile devices. Especially nowadays, it’s so easy to do anything you want, even if you’ve designed a cool prototype with detailed screens and some real nice animations in Axure (or any other tool that you use for prototyping). Now you can easily make it with HTML / CSS / JavaCript if you’ve got some coding skills, and it’s so fun to see the end-results.

In the last few months I did some cool projects (that are in development right now), and I enjoyed using Material design guidelines in some of my projects (that I can’t expose yet for obvious reasons), instead here is a quick Prototype demo that I did for a simple Photo-album application inspired by Material design (and some more modern flat-design trends), notice the smooth transitions and animations:


Well, it’s a great time to do some Designer-Developer workflows…
Cheers 😀

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