Cross-OS: HCI & UX Research

The best of iOS & macOS in a new Cross Platform OS!

HCI & UX research | Interaction Design | UI/UX Design | Prototyping | OS Development 

This is part of a research I did about the evolution of Operating systems, HCI (Human-Computer interfaces), and user interfaces. I have also published an article named “Apple, it’s time to merge iOS with macOS” on StartUX and Medium), describing my research and the vision behind it with its benefits. The research was related to a Startup I have founded in 2014, without revealing details about the NUI/HCI device I’m developing.

My article was also covered by the media and Tech-Websites: Apple Sfera (Spanish), (Deutsch) , Melamorsicata (Italian),  Rocket Cafe (Chinese).

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In Practice

I’ve developed CrossOS by myself and based it on Ubuntu (Linux) and Gnome 3 Desktop (Open Source Project):

Concept Design

UX Screens & Mocks I made before implementing it on Linux

Feature 1 – Responsive OS

The OS adapts itself to the device and its screen size

Feature 2 – Multitasking

Inspired by 10/GUI but with a twist

Feature 3 – Better gestures

iOS without Home button: This is how I believe Apple should deal with the gesture UX challenges for iOS in order to make it consistent for iPads and iPhones. *Update*: This concept was made before the iPhoneX announcement! I still believe that Apple made a mistake with their inconsistent UX for iDevices…

In Summary

As a Windows, macOS, and Linux user, I wanted to take some inspiration from Touch based Operating Systems and to implement the best of it on a Desktop Environments. So as a long time Mac user, I chose macOS and iOS, but the same principle can be applied on any other OS out there. Since I love design and UX challenges, and Open Source, I’ve decided to accomplish my experiment on a Linux Distro and Gnome 3 Project. I’m very happy with the end result. Not that I’m planning to develop my own Distro. So there’s no CrossOS Distro coming any time soon. 😉

Client: StartUX

Product: CrossOS

Year: 2016