HoverSense: HCI & UX Research

Get multi HOVER experience, and SENSE everything you touch on touchscreens!

HCI & UX research | Interaction Design | SDK for Foldable & Touch Devices

HoverSense is a new patented technology that brings new HCI and User Experiences. It aims to enhance the way we use our devices, HS also enables visually impaired people to use touch screens. The stagnation in the mobile industry has ended! let’s get ready for a future with Foldable Devices, and move beyond Multi-touch screens.

To learn more about HoverSense, visit: https://www.startux.net/hoversense

To read the story behind: https://hackernoon.com/foldable-devices-are-the-future-945e98a085b4

To watch the full version: https://youtu.be/eLbb44Wtixo

Meet HoverSense:


Key features

Cast your iOS device’s screen for better Productivity, Entertainment, and Gaming (Feel virtual controls and joysticks)


With HS you can feel gaming controls on device, and see your fingers on your TV, when Casting your games.


With HS tactile technology on Android devices, you can work from anywhere. It’s even more powerful with Foldables.


Simply work on your device and enjoy realistic tactile-feedback with virtual keyboards, and be productive.


Mirror your device’s screen (DeX mode) to work even without looking at it. Hover to see cursors for each of your fingers.


Dim your device’s screen (on DeX mode) and use it as a tactile keyboard, or as an advanced Multi-Hover Touchpad.


With HS tactile technology on Windows devices, you can mirror your device’s screen and work from anywhere.


With HS tactile technology you can use foldable windows devices the way you want, even in laptop orientation.


With HS tactile technology on Windows devices, you can mirror your device’s screen and work from anywhere.


When casting onto an external display, you can dim use your device’s screen and use it as an advanced Multi-Hover Touchpad.



Accessibility and inclusion



Fordable Devices 



Home & Workplace



Automotive Industry



UX & Interaction

Hover & Touch Indicators


Ten fingers Hover & Touch


Hover to view Webpages


Hover to view Tooltips


Hover to view Folder content


Hover to view Calendar events


Hover to Scroll pages and documents



Gestures & Navigation

Quit & Close application



Back Gesture in Apps



Share content gesture


Pull down Notifications shade


Show App switcher


Core Tech & Capabilities

1. Hover Sensitivity – The screen senses your fingers and unleashes new dimensions and experiences


2. Real Tactile Experience – Feel everything through the screen: Virtual keyboards, textures, and even objects in games


3. Pressure Sensitivity – Pressure Sense enables you to apply pressure to UI elemnts and virtual objects
4. Pressure based Input – No need in a special stylus, simply use any pen or pencil, and unleash your creativity




In Summary

HoverSense is more than a vision for the future, it’s the missing part that is vital to make upcoming Foldable, Flexible, Rollable, and Dual-Screen devices productive, easy to use, and user friendly! HS will also improve all Phones, Tablets, and Wearables…

Dual-Screen laptops won’t be mainstream until they’ll have a Hover & Tactile Feedback built into their screens, to make it more intuitive to type, just like a real keyboard. In therms of UX and usability, touch devices are not comfortable for long typing tasks.

Multi-touch is perhaps the greatest innovation in the history of human-computer interaction (after keyboard and mouse). They’ve led us to a new world of Natural HCIs, GUIs, and spatial UX that we enjoy today. But, let’s face it – there’s no reason to stop there!

I had this revolutionary idea back in 2014, but waited for the right timing in order to start the patent application and to turn HS from idea into a reality. For more information, visit HoverSense website.


Client: StartUX

Product: HoverSense

Year: 2014-2018