Get multi HOVER experience, and SENSE everything you see on touchscreens

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How it works?

A new technology to unleash new experiences:

1. Hover Sensitivity

The screen senses your fingers and unleashes new dimensions and experiences

2. Real Tactile Experience

Feel everything through the screen: Virtual keyboards, textures, and even objects in games

3. Pressure Sensitivity

Pressure Sense enables you to apply pressure to UI elemnts and virtual objects

4. Pressure based Input

No need in a special stylus, simply use any pen or pencil, and unleash your creativity

HoverSense is patented

Boy have we patented it! (Pending)

What is HoverSense

A technology that brings new capabilities:

In summary

HoverSense is more than a vision for the future, it’s the missing part that is vital to make upcoming Foldable, Flexible, Rollable, and Dual-Screen devices productive, easy to use, and user friendly! HS will also improve all Phones, Tablets, and Wearables…

Dual-Screen laptops won’t be mainstream until they’ll have a Hover & Tactile Feedback built into their screens, to make it more intuitive to type, just like a real keyboard. In therms of UX and usability, touch devices are not comfortable for long typing tasks.

Multi-touch is perhaps the greatest innovation in the history of human-computer interaction (after keyboard and mouse). They’ve led us to a new world of Natural HCIs, GUIs, and spatial UX that we enjoy today. But, let’s face it – there’s no reason to stop there!

1. Simply use any external display (TV, Projector, Monitor) in order to get a job done from your Phone / Tablet / Foldable.
2. No need in Keyboard and mouse, Simply use your device as a virtual keyboard, a mouse, and as a Touchpad.
3. No need to look at your device while typing, you can see on the external monitor where exactly your fingers are.
4. Touching the virtual keyboard feels like a real keyboard, so you can even type blindly and with confidence.
5. When you have to go, just disconnect your device from the external display, your data is synced to your cloud anyway.
6. Visually impaired people can use HS in order to get Voice over narration when hovering above UI menus and buttons.
7. Use external monitor / projector to work on the things you want do, even delivering a presentation from your device.
1. HoverSense App – Pair your HS device with your Mac, PC, and Linux to turn it into a Multi-Hover Touchpad
2. All in one Toucpad (AIO) – When needed, use the device as: Touchpad, Drawing pad, Keyboard, and Mouse.
3. Multi-Hover Touchpad – Use your HS device to get an entirely new dimension for your current computers.
4. Drawing pad – Use your device as a drawing pad and unleash your creativity without a Wacom-pad.
5. Gamepad – Use your device as an advanced gamepad, feel buttons, joystick, and in-game elements.
6. Accessibility – Visually impaired users can use a computer by mirroring it to HS device.
7. Voice-Over – Blind people can use HS device as a Touchpad to get narration on Hover.

The future

‘Indeed, you will be using your phone as a PC. “Our data is already on the device, but it’s also synced to the cloud. So it’s only natural to use our smartphones as desktop computers whenever we need to be productive and get the job done.” wrote, Avi Barel.’

– Sam Musguin-Rowe (WIRED, The Guardian, The Telegraph) on Gigabit Magazine, Apr 16, 2018

As Barel notes, Apple’s main challenge is leveraging integration between operating systems with variable factors such as chip architecture, touch-based peripherals, and user interface.’

– Troy Thompson on iDropNews, Jun 21, 2017

Read more of Avi’s articles about how he believes that we will interact with technology, well – at least until AR/MR and Spatial Computing will replace our Computers and Mobile devices. And yes, HoverSense (V2) is ready for that future too! Read More.

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