Philosophical AI question: What’s the difference between AI and human consciousness?

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Image: Chappie
  1. A super intelligent AI that evolved in a cloud based Simulation and feels like a real human being, with his own “real” memories and “experiences”.
  2. A real human consciousness that has been uploaded to a simulation in a Cloud as a backup with his own real world memories, experiences?

Think about it, they both have their own memories, and even though the AI has fake memories, yet he feels human.

Let’s say that in the future, they’ll be downloaded into a Cyborg or even into a biological body and will walk among us in the real-world, how would you know which one is a real human, and which one is an AI?

Just something I’ve been thinking of for a long time… Ever since I watched Ghost in the shell (1995) Anime as a kid, and also when I watched Chappie, and even Black Mirror’s black mirror san junipero.

Food for thought! Cheers,

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