SmartProtect: Cyber App (UX/UI)

One simple app to protect any Android device!

UX resarch | Flow Diagram | Interactive Prototype | Mobile UI Design

A little side project that I’m working on lately, I believe that users deserves better ways to protect their Privacy, and to get better Cyber-security tools even on Android. SmartProtect aims to do that, without any complications! SmartProtect is powered by crowd-sourced security policies, and it will empower all users to protect their device by simply pushing one button, you can find more about this philosophy and why I’ve decided to develop it, in my article about Design Thinking as a framework for Innovation.


SmartProtect in action


Lo-fi Wireframes


User Flow Diagram

A quick prototype - Designed at the speed of thought…
First iteration – A quick prototype – Designed at the speed of thought…


Second iteration – I had to make it as simple as possible!


Older Version – killed because of bad UX 😉


In Summary

As a longtime Android user, I’m not happy with its built-in permission manager, so I had to do something about it!
After all, designers have the power to change the world and improve people’s lives by making products and tools that give them magical experiences. So why not take an action when you can?

I also wrote an entire article about it, I believe that designers should step-in and get involve in the Tech world, we are not here just “to make things pretty”…


Client: StartUX

Project: SmartProtect

Year: 2018