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UX research | Wireframes | Interactive Prototype | UI Design | UX Engineering (XAML, Flash, HTML)

In 2010 I was hired by CastUP (Cisco Systems) to design this Cross-Platform and powerful Video consuming service. the purpose of this product is to empower the End-users and let them enjoy content (Live TV and VOD) on any device they own: PC, Smartphones, Tablets, Smart-TVs, and Hybrid setup-Boxes. Scroll to the end to see what we have achieved and read the Summary of this project.

Our product was also covered In the news (Hebrew):,7340,L-4256112,00.html


TV Commercial for our product (Hebrew):

In 2012, Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA), Channel 1, made this commercial after purchasing our product and services for the London 2012 Olympic Games




User Flow


UX Planning & research


My planning wall, where I tested ideas, researched about what’s possible in different development environments (HTML5, Flash, SilverLight, iOS, Android, Windows, WP, etc), and device resolutions


Screens, features, and User Flows. I did it on a whiteboard (Old School!)


Initial wireframes and sketches, in Axure and on papers
First Axure wireframes for testing ideas and usability studies


Second Axure wireframes for testing ideas and usability studies (Top menu vs bottom menu etc.)


Testing different UX ideas before deciding to continue with the same UI for Desktop, Mobile, and Set-top-box, and other devices, or to go with different UI for each platform…



UI Design (Local clients)


Testing RTL interfaces for Israeli clients (such as the Israeli National TV – IBA)


Testing LTR interfaces with Multi Play (Picture in Picture) feature, with Drag & Drop capabilities


User Onboarding overlay we did for the Israeli National TV client (IBA)


Our MediaPortal in the Israeli National TV’s website (IBA), used by millions of users during the London Olympic Games


UI Design (International clients)

Live TV – Designing an advanced Live TV product with more features for international clients


Live TV + Overplayed EPG with real time blur effect (rendering)


Social TV watching experience, watch TV and Sport events with your friends from Facebook


Live TV info, you can keep watching Live but still see information about other EPG items from the past (VOD) and even upcoming shows.


Watch VOD content (Movies and TV Shows) while browsing content without having to stop the video.


Get information about VOD items (Movies and TV Shows) by expanding the video catalog


Brows other VOD items even without expanding the video catalog


See details about other VOD items even without expanding the video catalog…


Different views for the VOD catalog: Coverflow


Different views for the VOD catalog: Info Wall


Minimalism – simplified player for specific clients (for the Web)




User management




Building the UI for developers




Final Product

Features I designed for our clients and broadcasters in Europe and around the world


In Summary

As a UX Lead for CastUP (Cisco) video division, I was responsible for UX/UI design of all of our cloud, cross-platform, multimedia and video management solutions.
I had the privilege to design and manage UI/UX Projects for the company, and I was in charge of all product series. I had so much fun leading the company UI/UX while writing guidelines, Inspiring the developers and mentoring them.
I also did Cross-Platform Design for: Tablets, Smartphones, Set-top-Box, Smart-TV, Pc, Mac, Linux, Web. Designing for different technologies: FLASH, Silverlight, XAML, WPF, Android, iOS, HTML5 & CSS3, and so much more.
My team and I, we’ve designed many in-House enterprise Silverlight / Flash / HTML5 Web-Applications (RIA). We also designed many SaaS (software as a service) Applications and Cloud based Services.
I’ve designed graphic assets and resources for in-house enterprise Web-Applications. I was interfacing with developers on daily basis (Agile/Scrum, TFS, Trello), and we have so much fun developing our products.


What my colleagues say about me



Organization: CastUP – Cisco Systems

Product: CU MediaPortal / IBA MegaPlayer

Years: 2010-2014