AB Player Mobile (UX/UI)

A New Way To Watch Video!

UX research | Wireframes | Interactive Prototype | UI Design | UX Engineering

A new OTT (Over the top) Mobile Application for video consumption, Designed for Mobile devices (iPhone, iPad And Android).


User Flow (Phone & Tablet)



Tablet Version

Trying different UX layouts (for A/B testing)



First Interactive prototype (Made In HTML)

I’ve ditched it after our Usability Studies…






Final Product Design (Phones)

After getting good feedback from clients, we have decided to go with a completely new UX/UI Design.


Main Screen


Live TV


Live TV + Channel EPG Info


VOD Screen


VOD Screen + Categories




Final Product Design (Tablets)

The same design from the phone version, but bigger, better, and even more immersive!


Main Screen


Main Screen + Watch History


Live TV


VOD Screen








In Summary

A product design for Mobile Consumption App my team and I created for broadcasters and large clients from Asia and East Europe. I managed a team of 2-3 designers and worked with few talented  developers.
I was responsible for the UX, Usability studies, Design Language and Design system. I also did UI design to help the design team.

A/B Player is a codename I gave to this project, since it was a modular / customizable product that our international clients could customize as they want (Branding, themes, icons, look & feel, etc.)


Organization: CU

Product: AB Player

Years: 2012-2014