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UX research | Wireframes | Interactive Prototype | UI Design | UX Engineering

In 2010 I was hired by CastUP (Cisco Systems) to design this Cross-Platform and powerful Video consuming services, web applications and SaaS (Software as a service) applications Suite. features: Content management, Catalog management, CDN management, Household management, Geo-locations, Analytics etc… Scroll to the end to see what we have achieved and read the Summary of this project.



UX Planning & research



First Concepts (in WPF)



Prototype – built in XAML & C#


A/B Testing


A/B Testing


More Concepts (in HTML)

Windows Metro Style (Ditched after A/B testing)




Starting from scratch

Took some inspiration from Google Apps


Creating The Design System

Building the components in HTML, CSS, and JS










Implementing and helping developers

First development (Alpha)

Second phase (Beta)


Final Product Demo

UX Prototype I made for Usability Studies 



In Summary

As a UX Lead for CastUP (Cisco) video division, I was responsible for UX/UI design of all of our cloud, cross-platform, multimedia and video management solutions.
I had the privilege to design and manage UI/UX Projects for the company, and I was in charge of all product series. I had so much fun leading the company UI/UX while writing guidelines, Inspiring the developers and mentoring them.
I also did Cross-Platform Design for: Tablets, Smartphones, Set-top-Box, Smart-TV, Pc, Mac, Linux, Web. Designing for different technologies: FLASH, Silverlight, XAML, WPF, Android, iOS, HTML5 & CSS3, and so much more.
My team and I, we’ve designed many in-House enterprise Silverlight / Flash / HTML5 Web-Applications (RIA). We also designed many SaaS (software as a service) Applications and Cloud based Services.
I’ve designed graphic assets and resources for in-house enterprise Web-Applications. I was interfacing with developers on daily basis (Agile/Scrum, TFS, Trello), and we have so much fun developing our products.


What my colleagues say about me


Organization: CastUP – Cisco Systems

Product: Video Management (CMS) and CDN management (SaaS) tools

Years: 2010-2014