User experience – the future?

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I love concepts, but more than that, I like it when a product become real…  Just like the Tablet concept in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001:A Space Odyssey” from 1968 that is real today (thanks to apple and their 1st iPad), Concepts … Read More

Google glass

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It’s not the ultimate AR (Augmented reality) for the average user, but for the developers and the UX designers among us, Google glass is the best AR device right now! just imagine this in the future, when it will project … Read More

Google – design evolution

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Usually, only UI/UX designers, Front-end developers and some other geeks used to follow design and functional changes that Google did in their Apps and Cloud services. personally I watched countless google I/O Keynotes in terms of UX on Android and … Read More


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The future is in our hands. UX is not just about design and dev anymore, it’s much more than this!

Hooray, It’s alive!

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Hi all, my blogfolio is online… Beside my UX projects and designs, this is gonna be my personal Tech-blog. As some of you know me from other Tech forums and blogs, I love technology and innovation, so I took your … Read More

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