Microsoft’s Continuum is here!

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Microsoft continuum

Back in May I talked about how I was impressed by Microsoft’s Continuum, so let’s see what’s new about that!

Well, I’m really happy to see that finally the Sci-fi becomes reality, I talked a lot about this vision in the past, but as we see now, Microsoft has some advantages compared to others. Finally the smartphone becomes a real workplace computer, or sort of… Well it’s not a 64-bit processor in Microsoft’s Lumia 950 XL, and it’s not the full version of Windows 10 either, but the interface is similar to the full version of Windows 10, and in terms of UX this is the most important thing to eliminate learning curves! I really like Microsoft’s Continuum vision!

Microsoft’s Continuum User-experience:

The advantages of Microsoft’s Continuum

In my opinion Microsoft is going in the right direction, in terms of adaptive (Scalable) system UI and continuity! The device becomes a powerful computer in your pocket and easily transforms into a full computer for your workplace! Of course they will have many more challenges to solve the interface issues, but in for now it looks very promising. Let’s see if Microsoft will succeed where others have failed (Ubuntu, Android, iOS) Microsoft has an advantage with their one operating system on all devices, if you are a developer, you defiantly should check Microsoft’s Universal windows platform guidelines (UWP) for developers.


And what’s about Microsoft’s HoloLens?

Well, it’s getting better and better! Assuming it actually works like in this video, than Microsoft really did a good job! The challenges in AR has always been placing virtual objects on top of physical objects in the real world. So if the virtual robots are hiding behind the couch (Masking objects without Chroma-key a green screen) and if Microsoft’s HoloLens can see the “layers” in our physical environment, it more than amazing!

What’s next?

Well, As I already said in the past, AR is gonna be just Another great playground for UX designers and developers among us! Just imagine the applications we will be able to develop for so many fields, such as: Medical, education, engineering and more… watch Mocrosoft’s vision for HoloLens:

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