Microsoft AIP Cyber Security App UX design

Microsoft Azure Information Protection App (UX/UI)

UX resarch | User Flow | Wireframes | Interactive Prototype | UI Design | UWP | iOS | Android | macOS

Microsoft Azure Information Protection App for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS enables you to securely collaborate with others. You can view protected files (Rights protected email messages, PDF files, pictures, text files, and any other file format that is protected as a .pfile) that others have shared with you. To learn more, click here.


User Flow

App Screens

Features ( for A/B Testing)

Interaction Design (Gestures & Animations)

Icons & UI Assets

Development Guidelines (iOS, Android, UWP)

iOS App Avi Barel

Cross-Platform UI Kit App Avi Barel

Windows 10 (UWP & Fluent Design)

Windows 10 (UWP) App Avi Barel

Windows 10 (UWP) App Avi Barel

macOS & iOS

macOS & iOS App Avi Barel

macOS App Avi Barel

More Screens (Product Design)

In Summary

As a Lead UX for Microsoft Azure Information Protection Cyber Division at Microsoft’s Israel Development Center (ILDC), I was responsible for the UX research, prototyping, Planning and UI design. Worked closely with Product Managers and Developers from ILDC (Israel) and Redmond (USA). I had the privilege to work on so many Cyber products at Microsoft, and to work with some amazing developers and creative teams. I’ve got more screens and flows to upload. To be continued 😉

Organization: Microsoft

Product: Microsoft AIP for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android

Years: 2015-2018