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Modular smartphone is not a fantasy anymore, I assume that most of you are familiar with Google’s Project ARA. So if a modular phone is not enough, there is a new modular smartphone case on Kickstarter called Nexpaq, However things have changed! We already know that the technology grows exponentially, and just like any other platform for developers and innovators, when there is a new platform, there will be new developments on top of it!


When google announced Project ARA, we all talked about modularity and how we will be able to customize and build our own dream phones… It’s not only about customization anymore, of course you will be able to add different modules to your phone, such as: larger battery, new 4K screen, better camera, and any other part you want… But it doesn’t end there! As it seems right now, there is potential for some other revolutionary developments here, for example, medical companies and organizations will be able to develop their own modules, and those modules can transform our smartphones into personal and powerful medical devices. As it seems right now, modular smartphones could be very useful for developing countries around the world, doctors and scientists will be able to transform their smart devices into portable labs, just by adding dedicated modules to their smartphones for different tasks.

Take Vestigen for example, they introduced a dedicated module that can be attached to your phone, so you will be able to sense the water you drink or even measure glucose level in your blood, this is not Sci-fi, It’s already a reality!

I think that this is an interesting vision, and this makes me wonder… imagine other developments in this field, modules that will be so useful for people around the world, not only for doctors and scientists, but for everyone out there! Modules that will allow you to analyze everything that affects your life, such as: the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, and even the radiation around you, things that we can’t see. Imagine that your smartphone will be your sixth sense, how will this affect your life? How you will change the way you eat, drink and live? This might impact our daily lives and help us to improve our health… think about it!

Oh, and here is something I thought about, you probably heard about Scio, a successful Kickstarter project, and a really magnificent product too, I can’t wait to see Scio as a module for modular phone! Think about it, a real 6th sense in your device! And this is just the beginning!

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  1. Meg
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    Great article Avi!
    I totally agree, there is so much coming on, it is better to connect the dots now 😉


  2. Avi
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    Thanks! by the way, this article Also available on Medium:

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