Material Design Lite for websites.

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Material Design Lite

It’s been a while since we talked about Material design and project Polymer, and now The search giant unveils Material Design lite for websites in order to help them look more like Android apps. Google made the announcement on Medium.


Material Design Lite, Android like websites

Google Material Design Lite
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Wait, what? Websites may soon look a lot like native Android apps?! (Oh and don’t forget that iOS now looks more like Android since iOS7). Anyway, Google brings Material-design guidelines to the Web with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

According to Google, Material design Lite is a set of tools that makes it easier for web designers and developers to implement Material Design on their own websites, MDL’s code is only 27kb!

Google is offering MDL’s components if you are interested in using it. There are components such as: buttons, tooltips, text-fields, spinners and responsive grids that acts like MD’s responsive guidelines. One thing to keep in mind is, just like HTML5 – MDL supports only modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and the new Microsoft Edge.

Material design lite website
Image by google

You can find more about MDL here, and the code is already available on GitHub (if you want to fork it). It’s gonna be interesting to see what designers and developers will do with it…

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