What’s up with modular Smartphones?

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I love modularity, but except some concepts by private designers and even some corporations we don’t really see modular devices in the market… yes there are some half-baked products from various manufactures that already released a few products to the market, but it looks like that the average user does not really need those half-baked hybrid devices.


For example, Asus already released a few modular devices, the Padfone series is an interesting one, but we need more innovations in this field, and not just ARM based processors, in order to run Modern workspace operating systems such as Windows or even OS-X (FYI You can run Linux distros on android devices right now), there is a need for X64 based processors. that way, modular devices will be able to run mobile OS on the go (Android) and when the user arrives home he simply switch to Windows in order to work.
Canonical Ltd. for example intruded their Ubuntu Phone which is a good approach to this modularity idea, but it is still a little far from delivering the ultimate Consistent experience between our devices, well, maybe in the future…

Anyway, in theory all this maybe sounds good, but manufacturers should work harder to find the best way to do it, because Docking stations and adapters aren’t the solution! we need a seamless solution that is able to cross-screens and platforms, perhaps the only way to achieve this is by improving other technologies and investing in R&D. Speaking about R&D and modularity, There is an interesting idea called Phonebloks, in terms of hardware customization (just like Computers) this is a genius concept! we need more ideas like this, thinking out of the box is the solution : )

Meanwhile let’s see what kind of concepts are out there, I’ve seen so many concepts on the web, but this is the coolest one!

And it reminds me Mozilla’s Seabird concept

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  1. Dan
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    Very interesting!
    I like your attitude, it is clear that you understand technology and did your research,
    It’s not trivial for Front-end designers and developers to have knowledge in hardware and other available technologies…
    I will continue to follow you, I like your writing!

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