The Israeli Tech Frontier

Peace Trough Tech, Startups, Diplomacy & Business Collaboration

Our Vision

Peace Trough Tech, Co-op and Hasbara (diplomacy). We believe Israel’s success story can help the region! Israel is a true success story and a Tech Locomotive, not only for the EMEA, but also for the Entire World! Let’s work together to collaborate and create a better future


We believe in creating bridges between Israel's Tech Ecosystem, the EU & Middle East (EMEA), and the World


We welcome business, Investors, and Tech Co-operation & Relationships between Israel, UAE, Bahrain, etc.


Innovation based on Israel's experience, resources,
and knowledge as the "Silicon Wadi" of the Middle East

Our Focus

Technologies we are focused on:

AI/ML & Robotics

VR/AR/XR & Metaverse

Cyber & Modern Warfare

Green Energy

Healtchare & Biotech


Our Articles

Articles, opinions, and tech news

I tried Next-Gen VR Training Simulator for the Defense Forces, Warfighters and Law Enforcement officers.

VR & AR use-cases for Military training – US Army, Israel, Nato, and the Royal Marines.

Metaverse Developer Community event in Israel, hosted by Meta (Facebook) in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Israel’s Metaverse Policy –  Our document after a joint meeting with Government officials & Businesses.

Peace through Tech

Learn more about the StartupNation’s Tech Ecosystem

Let Israel keep shining through its Success stories, Actions & diplomacy! After all, Israel is a Beacon of Light and Innovation for the Middle East and for the Entire World!

About us

A little bit about us and our activities

Avi Barel

Co-Founder. CEO at iBarel Group. Ex-Microsoft, Ex-Cisco, Ex- Mamram.

Avi has more than a decade of experience as a Lead UX, PM, Product Strategy, and Advisor for Tech Corporations and small Startups. Avi is a Tech- enthusiast with a passion for Emerging Tech, Startups, and Innovation (VR/AR, AI/ML, Autonomous cars, IoT, Cyber, XR Metaverse, etc).

Moshe Papia

Co-Founder. CEO at Papia Group – Lobbying and Strategy

Moshe has more than two decades of experience in Sales, Marketing, Strategy and PR. He served as VP Sales and marketing Lead at Optimalsaving. Moshe is a people person and knows the Israeli Tech, Business, Real-estate, and Investment ecosystems.

Shabtai Barel

Businessman, engineer, entrepreneur, and consultant

Shabtai has more than four decades of experience in Engineering, Business, Logistics, Sales, and Strategy. He served as Business & Strategy Lead for various industry organizations in East Europe, Asia, and Israel. He knows the global Business, and Investment ecosystems.

We’ve been active in Israeli Mixed-Cities with Arabs & Jews, worked with local & global organizations, and helped young entrepreneurs by mentoring them about Israeli Tech:

I was invited to Georgia to talk about Innovation, Startups, and how to learn from Israel's success story.

I was invited by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat to talk about Young Entrepreneurship, Startup Nation, and Tech.

Contact Us

You are welcome  to contact us.

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